Haank - steel sidetable
Haank embodies the importance of individuality and self-expression by exploring the fascinating connection between punk culture and scarification practices in Africa. Despite their origins and contexts, they both share similar values; taking control of their bodies, expressions and artistic creations to assert their singularities. The DIY ethos occupies a central place in each of these cultures and has paved the way for a form of resistance against dominant social norms. Haank depicts with symbols, objects and by its structure a fictional narrative deep-rooted in realities that have been often considered as extreme and inappropriate, leaving out the core of their messages.
The Haank table steel sheet before being bended.
Screen interface for one of the machines at the production facility.
One of the factory workers handles the steel frame while it is being pressed into shape..
Incisions are meticulously engraved at the surface of the table to replicate the body markings of those who once bore them, blended with objects created, transformed or adopted to define a part of the punk dressing identity.
The process of engraving the table and attaching ornaments.
Drawing parallels on this project is an approach to invite humans to break down barriers and constantly question the way of the world using freedom and interconnectedness as guiding principles. It does not imply to deliberately live against the grain but to seek for your own truth with coherence and purpose.
The finished Haank side table with all ornaments and engravings.
Close up of the Haank side table.
Close up of the Haank side table.
Close up of the Haank side table.
Object type
Side table
Stainless Steel
Height: 16.92 in (43.00 cm)
Width: 16.92 in (43.00 cm)
Depth: 19.29 in (49.40 cm)
Approx 20kg
Country of origin